Belenos & Mental Health

It’s been a while, and things have been rough.┬áThis isn’t meant to be an update post or even as much of an apology post as to why this blog has been inactive, even after Selgowiros has drawn this kick’in banner for me. I’ve been in a winter of life, since about half way through the […]

Various Non-Canon Gaulish Myths

A few years ago, I wrote these myths. The intention was never to replace what was lost, but it served as an interesting writing prompt. I’ve rediscovered these myths hidden in my drive after these years. I did a bit of editing to save your eyes, but I hope you find them interesting nonetheless. How […]

Understanding Belenos

As the name might or might not suggest, I’ve gotten a unique introduction to the life of a Galatis not through the ever-chthonic Cernunnos, but through the shining one known as Belenos. In modern Gaulish Polytheism, those I call belhounds are far and few between. Several established Gaulish Polytheists have gone as far as simply […]